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Family Protection

Cover the Good days

At a time of loss, the last thing a family needs is their daily routine upset because of financial worries.

Taking out life cover could leave your family in a better position to be able to afford the everyday things they’re used to. Because if money’s really tight all the things that made life special while you were still around, could be threatened for years to come.

Family holidays

After school activities

Days out

So don’t take a rain check on life cover. After all it could help protect the lifestyle of those you love.

Just married for better or for worse

We wish you nothing but the best. But how would you manage if you found yourselves facing the worst?

That’s where life or critical illness cover comes in. It helps protect you both by paying out if one of you were to die or get an illness you’re insured against,* whichever happens first while you’re covered by the plan. £50,000 of life or critical illness cover could cost just a little over £25 a month.1

And with peace of mind like that, you can concentrate on building a wonderful life together.

Could you still shop if you had to stop?

If you had a serious injury or were too ill to work – how would you pay for your weekly shop or meet your bills every month?

Your employer might give you sick pay, but how long would that last? And while there are state benefits, they don’t amount to much.

£109.40 a week

What you can expect from Statutory Sick Pay.2

£69.20 a week

The weighted average weekly household spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks.3

If you can’t work because of illness or injury, income protection could give you a monthly income to help you and your family cover the essentials.

To make sure you’re not left short, talk to your adviser about income protection today.

Planning for the big day?

It’s great to think about the best day of your life. But have you ever wondered how to prepare for the worst?

It’s not something we like to talk about, or even think about, but ill health can happen to anyone. And when you’re too ill to work, the last thing you’d want to worry about is where the money’s going to come from. Income protection could provide you with an income if you’re too ill to work.

Make sure you’ve got all your days covered, for better or worse.

1 Royal London Personal Menu plan, December 2021. £25.84 based on a 29-year-old non-smoking couple, 25-year term, level lump sum, no children’s critical illness included, including £2.60 plan charge.
2, July 2023. 
3 Weighted average weekly household spend on food and non-alcoholic drinks in the UK is £69.20. Office for National Statistics, figures for 6 April 2020 to 5 April 2021. Please note that state benefits are changing, depending on where you live in the UK you may be entitled to different benefits – visit for more information.

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